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What turns you on as a sissy?


 1. You like being challenged with many massive cocks at the same time.



 2. You reach euphoria when your face is covered with sperm.



 3. You want to get huge tits to get to suck even more cocks.



 4. You can never get enough big cocks.



 5. You prefer sitting on a gode, whenever you sit.



 6. You love when the man masturbates your ass.



 7. You suck any dick, whomever the owner.



 8. You feel best when sperm is dripping from your ass.



 9. You hope your next man will expose you on the web for the whore you are.



 10. You want to become a full fledged whore bimbo.



 11. You love watching yourself getting fucked in the ass.



 12. You like to clean yourself after your man emptied his balls on you.



 13. You want to be someone's property, nothing more than an object.



 14. You want to be kept around as a fucktoy, with no other use or meaning.



 15. You dream of walking dressed like a skank so you can be treated like one.



 16. You enjoy bukkake for its skin moisterizing properties.



 17. You have to keep riding even if your face is full of cum.



 18. You keep cum in your ass to serve as lube for the next guy.



 19. You know as a sissy your man will prepare your anus lovingly.



 20. You always accept getting slapped by a massive dick.



 21. You don't mind your makeup being ruined by a big load of sperm.



 22. You work on your ass to be able to display it to all men.



 23. You're happiest when your boipussy is warm and loose.



 24. You practice using a gode every day to loosen your anus.



 25. Your goal as a sissy is to be dressed up and fucked real deep.



 26. You prefer when the guy keeps fucking you after ejaculating.



 27. You enjoy this level of satisfaction when being fucked.



 28. You have a reflex to keep your mouth open when watching this.



 29. You're not shocked and awed by enormous dicks anymore.



 30. You are now only able to cum with a gode (or a dick) up your ass.



 31. You wait for the time when you can buy a reambot to fuck you all day long.



 32. You please men two by two like a piece of roast meat.



 33. You expect to get to clean the cock of the guy fucking you.



 34. Your prime responsibility as a sissy is to blow them all dry.



 35. You suck cocks to relieve the contents from big balls.



 36. You experiment with any type of gode to fill you up.



 37. You love the feeling of a gode in your ass so much it makes you squirt.



 38. You keep lipstick on to measure how far you can deepthroat.



 39. You're always very excited when a man is due to visit you.



 40. You feel complete when your ass if full of cum.


Are you happy with your answers?